Why Buy Your Energy-Saving Products from Consumers Business Energy Marketplace

Whether you’re looking to cut energy usage to save money or to do your part for the environment, there’s no shortage of products to help you reach your goals. Smart thermostats make it effortless to scale back on heating and cooling costs while maintaining comfort, energy-efficient light bulbs slash electricity use without sacrificing lighting quality, and water-saving products reduce not only water usage, but also energy used for water heating.

In fact, there’s such an abundance of energy-saving products available that it can be hard to know where to start—especially if you want to take advantage of rebates and incentives. Consumers Energy understands that, which is why we’ve created our Business Marketplace to make it simple and affordable for you to order the best energy-efficiency products available.

5 Reasons to Shop the Consumers Business Energy Marketplace

If you’re looking for products to help you save on lighting, water, power, heating and cooling costs, Consumers Energy Business Marketplace is the first—and only—place you need to shop. Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. The best prices. Consumers Marketplace offers the very best products available, at the best prices. In addition to keeping our prices low throughout the year, we also offer frequent sales and promotions. Check our Special Savings page to see our current offers.

2. Seamless rebates. A rebate doesn’t do you any good if you never redeem it. To head off the hassle of filling out rebate forms, printing receipts and scrambling for stamps, we’ve automated the rebate process for you. That means that you’ll immediately receive all eligible rebates on the products you buy—no postage required.

3. Information you won’t get anywhere else. At Consumers Energy, we’re the experts in energy efficiency. So when you come to thenConsumers Energy Business Marketplace, you’ll find the kind of information and guidance you won’t find at big box stores. We provide resources and educational content to keep you updated with the latest tips on how you can reduce energy usage—and save your business more money.

4. ENERGY STAR– and WaterSense-certified products. When you’re shopping for energy- and water-saving products, you want some assurance that what you’re buying will actually do what it says. That’s where trusted, outside certifications come in. When you buy a product that’s ENERGY STAR certified, you know it’s been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as meeting federal energy-efficiency guidelines. Likewise, WaterSense certification means that the EPA verifies the product meets federal water-efficiency and performance standards. These certifications are a quick and easy way to confirm that you’re investing your energy-efficiency dollars wisely.

5.Free shipping and handling for all products. Finally, when you buy from Consumers Marketplace, you know that the price you see is the price you pay—you won’t be surprised with hidden shipping and handling fees. All products ship free of cost to Michigan addresses, with no free shipping code required.

How to learn more

If you’re ready to learn more about ways to reduce your business’s energy usage through efficient lighting, water, power, heating and cooling products, visit the Consumers Energy Business Marketplace today. We make the energy efficiency effortless—from researching options and selecting the best products to processing rebates and ensuring fast, free delivery.