Consumers Energy is Your Business' Teammate

All it takes is an unexpectedly large utility bill to realize that energy efficiency is good for your company’s bottom line. And when it comes to improving your Michigan business’s energy use, Consumers Energy can be a valuable teammate.

Consumers Energy offers free energy audits and rebates for businesses as part of their Business Energy Efficiency Solutions. We even provide free direct installation of energy-conservation products like indoor and outdoor lighting.

One-stop shopping. Once you’ve decided which energy-efficiency products to install, you can purchase them at a substantial discount through Consumers Energy’s website. The Consumers Energy Business Marketplace includes hot water saving devices, water heater pipe insulation,

LED-lit exit signs and a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lightbulbs. All products include instant rebates and free shipping, making them perfect for DIY projects.

Energy assessments and upgrades. Through the Business Assessment program, a Consumers Energy-approved contractor will analyze your business’s energy use and compare it to similar businesses. The contractor will then recommend equipment upgrades that will save you the most energy and money. Common upgrades include improving lighting; increasing insulation; and retrofitting, repairing or replacing HVAC equipment.

Simple upgrades, like replacing your interior and exterior incandescent bulbs with LED lights or installing faucet aerators, can be done by the contractor free of charge, depending on the type of service you have with Consumers Energy.

Rebates. Consumers Energy keeps you up to date on new rebates for energy-efficient products like indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting controls and refrigeration upgrades. These rebates can cover thousands of dollars’ worth of a contractor’s work.

Making your business more energy efficient improves your bottom line in a variety of ways. Not only does it save money, but it can boost your company’s environmental reputation and serve as a marketing tool. Studies also show that energy-efficient workplaces can improve employees’ health and comfort, and can translate into happier, more productive workers.